Can you find any valuable coins in your change?

In the last 50 years, there have been circulation coins that can be worth up to $20,000 each. The most expensive is the 2000 Caribou quarter with a “P” under the Queen’s portrait at $20,000 for an uncirculated coin. The 2000 Harmony and Creativity Quarters with a “P” under the Queen start at $5,000. Without the “P,” they are only worth 25 cents.

The 1969 dime with a large date (the same size as a 1968 dime) is worth $5,000 for used, however the small date is only worth 10 cents.

For people who still have pennies, there is also a 2000 cent with a “P” under the Queen worth $3,000.

A 2006 cent with no mark under the Queen and non-magnetic starts at $50. Use a fridge magnet to make sure it is not magnetic.

In 1992, Canada issued a series of 12 quarters featuring the provinces. The New Brunswick and Saskatchewan quarters of the Queen and Caribou should both be upright when flipped side to side. There is an error where instead being upright they are inverted, with one facing downward. These inverts start at $100 each.