I’ve seen on your website that you buy scrap gold jewellery. Why should I sell it to you instead of the companies that come up higher when I search for scrap gold buyers?

Firstly, we spend our money on paying higher prices to our customers for their gold, instead of advertising just to get them come to the store. Secondly, our gold-analyzing machine shows you exactly which karat your gold is. Other companies use acid-based testing, which relies on their interpretation of the results.

Last month we had two different couples come in. The first couple had gold nuggets that their dad had been having for years. They had first gone to the company that comes up highest in searching; they were told that the nuggets were 14k gold. Our machine showed them they were 22k. They received $800 more for the nuggets than they had been offered and over $2,000 more for the rest of their gold. The other couple had a custom-made gold necklace in 18k gold; another company told them it was not testing strong enough with acid to be 18k and tried to buy it as 14k gold. They received an additional $400 from us when our machine proved it was 18k.

We hope to see you so we can prove we pay more for your gold than our competition.